Frustrated and struggling to authenticate

I use Mailchimp to send newsletters, and they are requiring me to authenticate my website. Their instructions looked easy enough, but I need HELP! My domain is hosted by GoDaddy, but when I contacted GoDaddy to help me authenticate, they said Cloudflare has my name servers. So, I created an account on Cloudflare, but when I try to add my website, it says invalid.

  1. What are these “instructions”? Is there a public link you can provide so we can take a look?

  2. What is the address of your website that MailChimp wants you to “authenticate”?

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That’s the wrong order. If your domain has Cloudflare nameservers, you should already have a Cloudflare account (or you are using an external service that is using Cloudflare). Creating a Cloudflare account after the fact won’t help.

If someone set all this up for you, you need to contact them to find out what is going on. If you don’t know, give the domain name and we can look up more to find out.

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Thank you so much for trying to help a frustrated non-tech soul. The screenshots below show my instructions from Mailchimp, and the message I receive on Cloudflare when I enter my website.

I thought GoDaddy had everything for my domain, and they informed me that Cloudflare has my dns. I never knew that, so that’s why I assumed I did not have an account.

What is the domain name?


WestPalmBeachFoodTour (.com) - it wouldn’t let me add a link to this reply.

The site is active on Cloudflare…

…and has been since around 21 March 2021…

Someone will have set this up for you so that date may remind you.

You can see if you had access to that Cloudflare account by logging out of the one you are in now, and then selecting “Forgot your email?”. You can enter the domain name and it will send an email to the account owner, hopefully you.

If not, you can regain control of the domain’s DNS by changing the nameservers at Godaddy to those in your new Cloudflare account, or back to Godaddy’s nameservers. You will need to know or find out all the DNS records needed to point at your web and email hosting so it all continues to work.

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Thank you so much! Unfortunately, “forgot your email” isn’t yielding any results which is strange because I have not had any other email addresses. Sorry, I have a wee little technical brain. Can you please explain the next steps in a simple fashion?

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If you don’t know how your site was added to Cloudflare, and don’t know who set this up for you in 2021, then your easiest option is to set back to default nameservers at Godaddy to regain control of the DNS for your domain.

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