Front-end sub menu does not load iafter CDN setup

I have a WordPress installation and the sub menu dropdown does not work after CDN setup.

I am using elementor as the page builder.

What am I missing?

Domain -

The homepage loads fine. Features menu item as sub-menu. If you click on another item then the Features menu item does not show any sub-menu.

This issue is happening in the logged experience too. The user is unable to see data in templates inside tabs.

If you’re talking about the Features menu, I’m getting inconsistent results. Sometimes the items below it don’t show up, but if I reload the page, it shows up.

Most likely, it’s JavaScript-driven, and Rocket Loader isn’t interpreting it correctly. I suggest you disable Rocket Loader under the Speed → Optimizations section.

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This is it. Thanks @sdayman :slight_smile:

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@sdayman Disabling rocket loader reduces the load speed a bit. I was wondering if there is a workaround to keep on using rocket loader and still get pages rendered properly.

If you can figure out which <script> is impacted, you can modify it so it’s bypassed:

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