From Siteground to Cloudways -> issues with Cloudflare

Hei guys,

I recently moved hosting from Siteground to Cloudways.

Now I am in the process of moving Cloudflare from Siteground simple setup to Cloudways. Cloudflare asks me to change DNS in the Siteground domain setting by changin name servers. Seems simple. Well… not!

I remove Siteground nameservers and add the cloudflare, save, refresh. The siteground nameservers come back. Ask Siteground support and here their answer:

In order to point an .IT domain towards a server, the following requirements have to be met by the server towards which it is being pointed.

  1. The servers’ IP addresses must be static and correspond to those actually associated with them,

  2. The first server must be the same as indicated in the Server of Authority (SOA) record of the domain name.

  3. A CNAME must not be associated with the domain name.

  4. The name of the server specified in the SOA cannot be a CNAME.

5.At least one MX or A record must exist for the domain name.

  1. Where an MX record is listed, it must not have an associated CNAME.

  2. Whenever interrogated, the servers must not give the following responses: not responding, not reachable, not running, non-existent domain, host not found, server failure, query failed.

  3. Indicated servers must be authoritative for the domain name.

All of these can be checked by Cloudflare clients within their respective account area, but if you encounter any dificulties you may contact the Cloudflare support teams for assistance.

Can’t figure out how to solve this issue which seems to be specific for .it domains.

Any help from you in the community? I wouldn’t like to drop Cloudflare which is working great and perhaps I am ready to move to a paying solution.

.it (and a few other European domains) are sometimes tricky as these registries attempt to validate nameservers, which can be an issue if the domain has already been once on Cloudflare.

But for starters, whats the domain?

If it can help, here the website:

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare at the moment. Which nameservers does your Cloudflare account give you for your domain?

that’s exactly the issue. I am on Siteground at the moment with Domain register.

When I try to modify Sitegroudn name servers with Siteground ones, they do not get saved.

I asked for the reasons to Siteground support team and they pointed out that Cloudflare nameservers need to comply with the 8 points I listed in the topic description. How can I fix this? Any idea?

Where are you changing the nameservers? You have to do this on your registrar’s side, not your host’s. Also none of the above mentioned points is required to change nameservers or even related to nameservers.

Simply go to your registrar (Tucows apparently) and change the nameservers.

Siteground is a Domain registrar as well. I have my domain registered with Siteground and I am trying to change nameserver in my domain registrar. Now, looks like you don’t know the solution to my initial answer. You keep telling me things that are already written in my initial post.

Ciao @sergiovecchi1993, facciamo forse prima in italiano, che dici?

Per prima cosa, seguendo la lista di richieste fatte prima hai già i punti 1-7, credo?

I nameserver che Cloudflare chiede di assegnare sono e Se si è molto semplice, dovresti avere due campi, nameserver e IP corrispondente che sono quelli dei due sopra indicati ( e

Nel caso non siano quelli allora purtroppo devi contattare il supporto perchè deve essere fatto il reset della zona da loro…

Ciò che @sandro ha detto qui:

è purtroppo vero, richiedono cose strane e non ci si può fare molto :frowning:

PS: controlla che ci sono problemi di mixed content sul sito in questione tali per cui viene mostrato l’errore sul browser.

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Siteground does not appear to be a registrar of the Italian NIC. Your domain is not registered via them but via Tucows.

Maybe they are a reseller. They are not the registrar however.

Well, what do you want me to say? You need to change the nameservers, how you do this is something your registrar should be able to tell you.

None of which you have written applies to changing nameservers I am afraid, you will need to go back either to Siteground or Tucows.

The same thing I wrote in my very first response still applies and you also did not say which nameservers were assigned to your account. A mismatch here is much more likely to be the case.

Hi Matteo,

the nameservers I got from Siteground are different than the ones you pointed out ( and Well, in theory it’s pretty simple to change nameservers in Siteground. You replace the siteground ones with the cloudflare ones (see picture)

I replace them, save, refresh the page and it does not save them. I asked the Siteground support why and they say it’s an issue with Cloudflares servers not complying with italian NIC standards and they pointed me out the 8 rules (see my initial post) each server needs to apply in italy. They also say you should be able to modify these parameters in the Cloudflare account.

Here’s my initial question: anyone has an idea what I need to modify?

That was my very assumption from the beginning. This issue does not seem to be related to these eight points (why they mentioned them is something only they can clarify but none of it is related to nameservers) but rather aforementioned usual mismatch of nameservers.

Hence again my question, which nameservers are listed in your Cloudflare account?

And no, Cloudflare does currently not announce dion and elisabeth as nameservers but oswald and eva instead. Assuming these are the ones listed in your account, I would suggest you try setting them.

First up, sorry to have presumed italian here, let’s continue in English :slight_smile:

So, if the nameservers in your Cloudflare account (you have to read those there, not anywhere else) are the ones you listed (dion and elisabeth) contact support, there is no alternative here. If the ones I provided (eva and oswald) are the ones Cloudflare says to you then set those and everything will be fine.

Cloudflare does not announce these nameservers in any way. I seriously doubt for the time being these would be the correct nameservers and assume Siteground “invented” them and that is the reason why setting the nameservers fails.

But all of this could be clarified if the OP disclosed which nameservers he has been assigned :wink:

Isnt Siteground also a Cloudflare partner? If that domain was set up on a partial account, it shouldnt have Cloudflare nameservers at all, but that would also be something for Cloudflare or the OP to clarify.

Attached the image from Cloiudflare showing the nameservers I mentioned above. I guess I need to get in touch with Cloudflare support.

@Sandro: yes siteground is a partner of Cloudflare. I did have no problem as long as I was using siteground as both hosting and domain registrar. Now I moved to Cloudways (for speed sake) and suddenly, when I try to change nameservers in Siteground Domain service with the Cloudflare ones, they are not accepted anymore :frowning:

@Matteo: we could go on in Italian, but I think it’s easier to keep it in english. Perhaps someone not italian may come up with the solution hint! :slight_smile:

by the way: how can I get in touch with Cloudflare support team? it just looks like it’s a knowledge based service or community based…

The solution is easy here, just contact Cloudflare’s support.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

Alright, that is that very nameserver mismatch and in that case Cloudflare does not announce these nameservers because it is still active on another account and that needs to be switched. You could either switch to that other account, or drop the domain from there and wait until Cloudflare announces the new nameservers, or contact support and have them manually override it.

To contact support you would need to go to

Thansk guys. Tried to solve it here with the community but I guess I need to ask support.

The community cannot solve this as this is the very issue I mentioned in my first response. Your account does not use the nameservers which are announced by Cloudflare.

You either convince your registrar to set the other nameservers, use the other account, drop the domain from the account, or ask Cloudflare to manually override.