Hello i have this Cloudflare for some time. I had a domain that i deleted and I got the same domain from cloudflare. I been getting on my mail box loads of mail 58 atm saying that i need to create DNS record TXT so i try chat GPT and i follow the instructions to add the DNS records and this as 2 days the records are diferent from the records from the universal certificate from the new site. I pause the site disabled the universal certificate and nothing only mails in my mail box. Can you help me please?

I forgot to mention the new site i got from cloudflare as 2 days and the Universal certificate is still pending validation TXT

What is the domain?

You haven’t added any DNS records.

You also don’t have any MX records to receive mail.

Add them here…

Ensure you re-enable the Universal SSL as that will be needed if you proxy any DNS records.

If you have already entered DNS records, can you post a screenshot including the 2 nameservers at the bottom.

Hello i dont have any rules in the waf and the universal ssl is enabled. Do i need to creeat an A record with my public ip and if i dont use the mail service do i still need to place the records?

the DNS records placed are from the Universal SSL certificate on the Dashboard i been getting emails from cloudflare with different records for the same site that i assume are from the domain i had befour with the same name and i deleted to place with the new one that is pending

And i have DNSSEC disabled

The side is still on pause

THIS is the email i get with different records


Create a DNS record TXT jIZoiogq669OibUnTrwPDdTQFNagR5oGf1snKZ_eyF0

Create a DNS record TXT DaGUVqJKB8_mi4XUfeHnmpIWahUO4w0OTXtgmaNoSdY

You should also ensure that traffic to this hostname resolves to Cloudflare’s edge and that no Cloudflare firewall rules or page rules modify requests to the HTTP .txt file’s URL.

this are the records on the dashboard that i place on the DNS records

Create a DNS record TXT j0eSKmp89gV7AddK38cdxVyezBlKGnecjIIQBAyjbQw

Create a DNS record TXT r3wn83gAlWTCfaYUXmyyHO-ktaemHMgGU-GqxUmF3Hs

Hello i hadded the records to the domain but i keep have mail spam to SSL certificate update.
Can you help me please?

The blue arrow is the A record with my public ip

This is the test i did after i commented the records

This is a secund test with a wildcard record

For some reason Cloudflare still hasn’t generated an SSL certificate for you.

Maybe you enabled/disabled it too many times are there is a rate limit for certificate generation.

If the Universal SSL has been enabled for some time, you could try once more to disable it, wait one hour, then enable it again to see if that forces it to happen.

The last desable I did was 1 day ago I can try to desable it again and enable.

Cloudflare is trying to iso 2 certificates 1 I can desable tru the dashboard the other I think is a dead certificate that I don’t now how to deleted.
By the way thanks a lot for or help

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