From India, Routed to Singapore?

Hello all, I am trying to access my websites hosted in Cloudflare. Any ideas on how to fix? I am from Shine Broadband, Trivandrum (network peered from Alliance Broadband, Ernakulam i think).

Traceroute Outputs: Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 hops: -

(Since I am a new user, its showing that i can put only 2 links, that’s why I placed the traceroutes on pastebin)

Any one can you tell me why or how to fix this? Thanks

This comes up from time to time. Cloudflare routes based upon Peering agreements, so sometimes it goes elsewhere.

Any chance for Cloudflare network team to look into this and solve? or is there anything i can tell to my ISP to solve this?

You’ve collected good data. Try opening a Support ticket and see what they say: Login & go to

Thanks, I have already done that… waiting for a reply.

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