From Godaddy to cloudflare then to ecommerce, how to configure

I would like to connect to my account on one of the e-commerce site, I would like to know how to do the configuration,
from GoDaddy (domain registerer) to Cloudflare, and now from cloudflare to the new e-commerce site,
how do I do it in my dashboard?

Add/edit the domain’s DNS records as per your “e-commerce site” vendor’s instructions.

I understand that may be too generic an answer… but so is your question. If you need more specific advice, please provide a bit more information:

  1. What specific “e-commerce site” are you using?
  2. What’s your domain name?
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My domain is, from GoDaddy, in GoDaddy I put Cloudflare DNS, and now I want to configure CF to connect the e-commerce site (called, in Salla, they ask me to connect by DNS or CNAME, what I have to choose in Salla, and what I have to do in CF?
thank you