From error 525 to Red https is this progress?

Hello my site is

At 1st I was getting error 525 SSL handshake. I cleared my browsers and Cloudflare cache now I see the broken red https sign. Not quite sure what it means even after searching on here.

To note I originally started my Cloudflare with x10hosting. I have moved my domain to infinityfree. On one of the Cloudflare options I did still see x10hosting could that be part of the issue? My DNS have been set to Cloudflares though my registrar.

*I am mobile and for some reason can’t upload screenshots sorry!

525 is covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed

The 525 is still showing up.

I read the article before posting here. My webhost already showed connection is fine on their end and that is not my issue anymore. Now it is the red https

You seem to have a self-signed certificate on your server. Cloudflare cant verify such a certificate and hence the error. If you install a proper publicly recognised certificate the issue should get fixed.

Now I’m further confused because in one of the Cloudflare articles it stated that for self signed I should have crypto at full which it has been set to.

Self-signed works under Full but you probably have Full strict, which is a much better choice but requires a valid certificate. As mentioned before, simply configure a proper certificate and the error will disappear.

Nope checked for the umpteenth time it is on full not full strict. Do I need sslforfree for this to work?

Can you post a screenshot of your SSL mode and can you confirm your server IP ends in 129?

I am not sure what SSLForFree is, but all you need is a valid certificate.

SSL screen shot

When you say server ip you mean from my webhost?


I’m not seeing anything about server IP unless you mean this screenshot

I think I see the issue. That isn’t the .129 ip it is the x10hosting one. Changing that to the .129 should correct this yes?

Eureka I see the correct green https!!! Thank you very much not sure if it’s what I did or if y’all did something but it’s working so that’s what matters!!! This has been killing me for days

That screenshot explains it. The server does not have a proper SSL configuration. You’d need to fix that first.

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Yes I updated to the correction ip address and added an extra cname record per my host instructions and now it is working :hugs:

So you fixed the address from 8 to 129?

Yes that’s correct

In that case the error is easy to explain, you connected to a machine without a certificate.

I’d still highly recommend to install a proper certificate and switch to Full strict.

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