From another nameserver + Letsencrypt to cloudflare

I have a server with a domain encrypted via LetsEncrypt.

I’m about to migrate the DNS to CloudFlare and want to do so with as little a service disruption as possible. If I set the cloudflare dns records to “DNS only” will it just pass through and use the current Letsencrypt certificate on the server?

After moving I can test cloudflare SSL on a test subdomain, but would like for the main domain not to initially go down while moving.


Test? The proxy certificates typically work without issues, but you still need the current certificate on your server anyhow, you know that?

Thank you.

By test I meant verify that it works via Proxy, but I assume it will. Initially I just want to get the service onto cloudhost. Afterwards I’m looking at swapping out the LetsEncrypt certificate with one from Cloudflare CA to enable Full (strict) mode.

All right! In that case, yes, as long as the records are unproxied (:grey:) they will point straight to your server and Cloudflare won’t be involved at all (except for DNS).

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