FritzBox DynDNS API

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I couldnt find a topic on that here, maybe I missed it.
I used to be at Ionos and changed to Cloudflare now.
I used an API Key so that my FritzBox 6591 would autimatically update the A Record with my IP, since its dynamic.
I cant seem to find what/in which format I have to put in the FritzBox so it updates my A record.
I can put in:
Domainname (is it just or do I need to add smth else?)
Password (guess the API Token goes here?)

I already created an API Token with “Edit” on “Zone.DNS” but it doesnt seem to work.

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Have a look at Use dynamic IP addresses · Cloudflare DNS docs.

It’s been a while since I needed to use a DDNS client to update a DNS record at Cloudflare, but assuming you’re using a compatible client, you may need to use the Global API key rather than an API token. The individual DDNS clients may or may not handle API tokens correctly.

In case it is an option for you, you can use to let the fritzbox update the dynamic IP address, and then set a CNAME here (at Cloudflare), like CNAME abc…

The “abc…” will always be kept up-to-date by the fritzbox, so as long as you can live with a CNAME, it does the job just fine.

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