Freshwork DNS CNAME Adding in cloudflare not verifying


i am using freshwork product for bulk emails and they told to add some DNS with Type CNAME to DNS Manager.

We are managing our DNS on cloudflare so when i try to add new DNS Record for freshwork then it not verfied on

Can you help me on this ?

Let’s see if I understand this. Freshwork wants you to add a DNS record so they can verify that you control the domain (or somehow link it to their platform). It’s possible that they look at where that CNAME record is pointing to. In that case I think the key here is to turn off proxying for that particular record in your Cloudflare dashboard (DNS). So “Proxy status” should be “DNS Only”.

yes actually they want domain verification and i also did set status “DNS Only” but still its not verifying

Can you share the domain and subdomain perhaps?

i want to add record like this

domain is
i added this Record on cloudflare but when i go to then it does’t show status

What does your “CNAME Flattening” setting look like on the Cloudflare DNS management page?

yes the attached screen shot is taken from cloudflare

If you scroll down on that page there is a setting called “CNAME Flattening”.

When I query for your fslink subdomain, I immediately get two IP addresses returned. There is no sign of the CNAME value. These IP addresses also happen to be the ones returned if I look up directly. So the current “CNAME Flattening” setting alters the behavior of Cloudflare DNS which is a problem in this case since Freshwork wants to see the “” value in the response.

If you have other CNAME records, be careful if you change that setting though since it affects the entire DNS configuration.

can you tell me where is that problem or any solution ?

So what you need to do is change the “CNAME Flattening” setting so that your new fslink record is handled like a regular CNAME record without Cloudflare magic :smiley: Maybe “Flatten CNAME at root”. But if you have other CNAMEs, their behavior will change in the same way. Not necessarily a problem, see “Help” under that setting for more information.

In this attachment Except ( first and Last ) all CNAME are for freshwork. if i change Fllatern setting then will first and Last will affected ?

Those all look like examples where CNAMEs should not be flattened.

i just changed Flattern settings at root and its working now.

Good to hear!

thanks for your help.

thanks for your help

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