Frequently unable to access the site

This site ( is often inaccessible. My other sites are in the same source server as this site, and all other sites are fine.
When accessing chrome prompt: Unable to access this site, the connection has been reset.
I often try again after about a few minutes to get back to normal again. But I’ve had it inaccessible for half of the month straight.

It’s woring from my end
Should it load and look like this?

May I ask have you tried clearing your web browser cache, or try openning it in a Private Window, or another Web browser?
Maybe WiFi and cellular/mobile data, any differences, if so?
Is the origin host/server responding ok?

When I tested it it wouldn’t open and neither would any other device on the LAN, such as a cell phone. When I switched to the mobile network on my phone, it would open fine.

However, after that, when I got home, my home network was also inaccessible, and just as I was posting, it was accessible again. Then after that, I used the online testbed, tested it and found that when there was a lot of inaccessibility in my area, I couldn’t quite access it and saw that multiple areas in the picture were inaccessible. When I tested again after a while, it was accessible again.

I seem to have found the reason, my domain is pointed to this ip address:, but I detect that the ip address is not accessible in most parts of China.

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