Frequent Website Down Notifications

Hi - I use an uptime monitor, and about once a week, I get a notification that my website is down. I finally got enough that I decided to look into it, and it seems to be timeouts due to an IP associated with Cloudflare that typically caused these notifications. I’ve attached a few screenshots below. Is there anything I can do to minimize these outages?

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 1.07.09 PM

Due to the way Cloudflare’s anycast network works, best not to rely on pings as an indicator of site latency or even availability. IPs change, can vary geographically, pings won’t go to the same box proxying the HTTP, etc. I don’t know how they are even handled.

Use Cloudflare health checks or another service that makes complete HTTP connections to check your uptime from client through Cloudflare to your origin.

(I have ping graphs of our Cloudflare Spectrum IPs and they look awful. The TCP and UDP performance though is bang on).

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