Frequent issues with app availability when Cloudflare proxy is enabled


On 24.04.20 at 06:00 by Europe/Helsinki our app hosted on Heroku in Ireland was totally not available for almost half an hour. In app logs I saw “ETIMEOUT”.
Seems it might be related to this case

It’s not the first time, we had such issues before.

Also yesterday notified us that our app was not available however this time I did not find any errors in logs, but only many “Client Request Interrupted” and slower requests than usual.


  1. Why these issues might happen and maybe you can recommend some ways of fixing them?
  2. Is there a possibility to make Cloudflare proxy work more stable or its better to disable it at all, but how to protect app then?
  3. Why when proxy is enabled all dns requests are going to server in USA (e. g . if Cloudflare has other servers more clear to our server in Ireland?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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