Frequent hCaptchas on certain sites behind Starlink CGNAT

Simple as the title. I’m on Starlink, which uses CGNAT, and certain sites with higher security settings are hitting me with hCaptcha pages sometimes multiple times a day. This did not happen with my previous ISP. Presumably this is because of the high frequency and variability of traffic from these IP addresses, and the fact that Starlink is fairly new. Is there anything that be done to reduce the frequency of or eliminate these erroneous captchas?

If it helps, a complete listing of Starlink IP addresses and their GeoIP locations and be found here:

The only thing you can really do is install the Privacy Pass browser extension. This can help reduce the number of CAPTCHAS you have to solve.

Yeah that extension doesn’t really solve the issue. This is a legit ISP, not a VPN, so I shouldn’t be getting more hCaptcha challenges than on any other provider.

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Are they using CGNAT too?

No, but I’m also not aware of this being a problem with mobile carriers which do use CGNAT.

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