Frequent Dash Board issues on Cloudflare Core Services

Hi All, the last few weeks I while logged into the Cloudflare dashboard I suddenly get redirected to this error.

“The Cloudflare Dashboard is temporarily unavailable. Please reload this page to try again. If the issue persists, please visit the Cloudflare Status page for up-to-date information regarding any ongoing issues.”

If I come back after a few hours I can reload the dash, but quickly I see the error again.

This is driving me nuts since I go to the status page and all looks good but I still cannot access my account. Today it’s a big problem since I have to “fix” something on one of the domains and I keep getting booted.

Can anyone help? I use two factor authentication to log into my account…
Thanks. A

Hi @anonymical7,

Just because you’ve selected Cloudflare Access as the category for this post, is this the main dashboard or the Teams dashboard?

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I have had the same issue, I bet it works if you change IP or even if you go into incognito mode.

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Hmmm, well when I am in individual accounts. For example: I am an admin on my own, but also two clients free accounts that are shared with me. It happens on all of them.

Sorry, that’s not what I meant. Are you using Cloudflare’s core services like DNS, Firewall etc. through or are you using the Cloudflare for Teams products like Access and Gateway at

If it’s the core products for websites, you may want to edit this topic to the #general:dashboard category. The #security:access category it’s in currently is for the Cloudflare for Teams Access product.

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Hi Domjh, I am using cloudflares core services, yes,
Okay thanks for the tip, I will edit the category.
A xo

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I am pretty sure it’s the same issue I had, which required sending .har files to support. Do open a ticket and post the number here.

I moved it to General Dashboard issues, hope to get a response. Thanks! :thinking:

Do this as well.

I’m having the same issue. Opened ticket 2323325 with a HAR attached