Frequent 520 errors after connecting site to cloud flare


we’re having a lot of 520 errors after connecting our wordpress website to cloud flare:

After sending a couple or reports to our hoster tech service, they tell us they don’t see anything problematic on their side, and refers us to cloud flare.

There seem to be a lot of possible source for this problem, and we would appreciate being assisted by someone to sort it out.

Thanks !

May I ask who is your hosting provider?

Possibly related to this one:

Regarding HTTP 520 error, here are some suggestions to check:

Hi Fritexvz,

thanks for your reply

Our hosting provider is 1&1 Ionos.

I checked the link you provided but I’m not sure it’s related since the problem you pointed seem to be fixed, yet we’re still having quite a lot of 520 happening.

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