Frequent 502 error - Resolved after rebooting server

Hi all,

After my website is up, I constantly faced 502 errors. The server is running fine, and everytime I reboot the server, the issue has been resolved. I suspect is Apache, or Ngnix that I am using.

Please let me know if there is a test that can be found in web for me to conduct to identify the root cause.

Best way is to have a look into the server logs. (syslog, Apache, nginx…) this error can have various root causes. Overload, misconfiguration, missing modules, frequent or infrequent restarts caused by to many processes…

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Be sure Cloudflare’s IPs are white listed in any/all firewalls. I suspect the IP gets temporarily banned and the restart clears that ban. Until the threshold is met again by the same IP.

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