Frequent 404 Using an IPFS Gateway

I am using an ipfs gateway and have a _dnslink record with the following


as the record. Our analytics show many visitors are seeing a 404 (20-50%) and we are getting complaints about it in various forms. When I have run into the issue, I am able to reach the pinned content via other gateways using the CID hash. So it seems that the Cloudflare gateways are having issues since other gateways are able to access the CID. We have our CID pinned on Piñata, Infura, Web3_Storage and two nodes my team runs in the US and Canadia. .

I have found tools ( that show that my CID is accessible on the network when I pass at the multiaddr of my node (not included due so my ip is not shared in the forum). My node does have one red X next to “Could not find the multihash in the dht”, but I think that is a red harring as I have used multiple free and paid pinning services to pin my CID and never have issues loading the CID using other gateways, only have seen issues through our domain name which is using a Cloudflare gateway.

I have tried to review all support material on Cloudflare ipfs gateways and think everything is correct, and it works 50-80% of the time. I have seen other issues mentioned in support, but do not see any responses. Is this feature truly being supported by Cloudflare, or has support of it been abandoned?

Also found some old articles about 404s on Cloudflare ipfs gateways

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