Frequent 1102 errors

My worker is suddenly getting frequent 1102 (Worker exceeded resource limits) errors. It has been working fine the past month, so is there something going on with Cloudflare network?

Thirteen 1102 errors in the past 30m, what the heck?

How would I go about troubleshooting this? This article wasn’t helpful.

Error from the live log:

  "exceptions": [
      "name": "Error",
      "message": "Worker exceeded CPU time limit.",
      "timestamp": 1715653912911

I’m not sure why this worker would suddenly exceed the CPU time limit when it hasn’t the previous month and I haven’t touched the worker code. The worker itself is very light (2.3kb): it uses IttyRouter to route a GET request, where it reads from a KV and returns the value in a response.

I just upgraded from Free to Paid thinking my worker was consuming more than 10ms of CPU time, but I’m still getting this error even on the paid plan.

What’s the current CPU limit for that Worker set to?

Hmm I’ve never set these options before. This is what the settings look like now:

Is there a recommended setting to start out with? I haven’t published my app yet so don’t know what the load will be like.