Frequency of health checks seems off

I’m testing the new ‘Health Check’ feature communicated on the blog yesterday.

I have these interval settings:

But this is what I see in the ‘Health Check Analysis’ tab:

My question:

Who do pings happen every 2-3 seconds even when my interval is 180 seconds?

Perhaps I got it all setup wrong, but I double checked and reread the blog post and don’t see my fault. Any advice appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

I contact Cloudflare Support. This is what I learned:

Each Region will be composed of 3 data centres that will do the healthcheck. This means you would expect at least 3 pings for each configured region.

So if your health check interval is set to 180 seconds and you have 2 regions, then you’ll not get 2 pings (one from each region) every 180 seconds.

Instead there will be 6 pings every 180 seconds.

or, in other words, every health check you see in the log is actually 1/3rd of a configured ‘Health Check’ you made in the ‘Health Checks’ tab. (If that makes sense.)

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