Frequency of A Record/IP changes

We’re being asked how often the A record & IP may change - if it is dynamically/regularly changed or if it is in the event of attacks (only). Is there any advisory?

“As needed”

There is no need for any advisory, DNS authoritatively publishes the correct answer at all times.

Thanks thedaveCA! I’m sorry, I did not write that very clearly - my English! I mean is there any advise we can provide to our client as they are asking if the IP/A record will change frequently if it needs to be whitelisted. We have the list of cloudflare IPs. Is there information about the frequency of changes?

There’s no formal guidance there either, although changes have been infrequent at best. I pull the list daily, personally.

Last updated 2/2019

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Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results

Every day since the last change increases the odds of a new one. :smiley:

I wanted to update you, Cloudflare have confirmed that the CNAME will not change unless the proxy is recreated - I was mistaken re: the A record

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