Freenom ns problem

Freenom was still able to connect free domains to Cloudflare up to 2 3 hours without any problems, now I am entering NameServer, Cloudflare name server is not visible at all I follow dnschecker I tried 3 4f different domains with different extensions, is it a problem in freenom or is it caused by Cloudflare?

What is your domain?

I’m trying domains with .tk .cf extension, I’ve tried free domains with a .cf extension, Cloudflare is constantly connecting, but I’m updating the nameservers with freenom, nothing happens. I think there’s a problem with freenom.

If the nameservers are not updating for the domain, then it is a freenom issue.


Currently there is no Freenom Issue , My website is on Freenom I am able to update the Nameservers , May be the Issue had be fixed , @user22648 retry ?

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