Freenom Domains - CloudFlare vs Others

HELP!!! I can add Freenom Domains again :frowning:
We have seen many questions and answers regard to the freenom domains and people are saying freenom’s WHOIS is broken (with respect to ICANN lookup)
I got a new freenom domain just now. Tried to add it in cloudflare and faied with this error:
I checked the ICANN Lookup and it said:

Then, I tried to add my domain with ClouDNS to check whether cloudflare could do smtg atleast then.
I NS records of ClouDNS in Freenom and added A record in ClouDNS point the root to (! just to check)
Now, the ICANN Lookup gave the same results. No change.
And, I tried whois in a linux terminal:

Hmm… Probably the whois program doesn’t check with ICANN but no worries let check the A record and voila!

Hence, my conspiracy theories:

  1. CloudFlare is incapable of providing full DNS services/support as other simple DNS hosts (Shame!)
  2. CloudFlare Wantedly Avoids domains from Freenom using some mechanism. (I strongly believe in this)
  3. CloudFlare and only CloudFlare follows the standards in the whole World!
  4. Im Dumb (probably)

Please give some clarity and correct me if Im wrong.

We’ve argued this enough in the Community. If you want some clarity, please open a ticket.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately Im just a free plan user. Can free users create support tickets?

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