Freenom domain not adding to Cloudflare

Hello! So I’ve registered a domain ( from the registar Freenom. However when I attempt to add the domain to Cloudflare (not to be mixed with changing the nameservers) it returned that the domain didn’t exist.

Help appreciated.

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I’m sorry. That does not include a solution for the problem I am experiencing.

What’s the domain?

Hello! I would like to clarify that this is happening with every domain I’ve registered. As an example “”

As described in the article I linked to:

I believe this the issue.

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From the registrar’s panel it shows as if it’s using their default nameservers

Nameservers can take a while to change, how long have you waited?

Freenom uses their own nameservers to allow users to add an iframe linking to a site of user’s choice. This works fine and even a domain I registered 2 days ago is returning the exact same problem.

Hi @renegade301108
The solution to your issue is in the article linked by @sdayman

Before a domain can be added to Cloudflare, the domain must return NS records for valid, working nameservers:

I’ve just tested a domain which has dns records already popligated and cloudflare still returns the same


This thread seems very dead but I would like to say that I’ve just scanned another domain I am trying to add and it’s saying the nameservers are loading everywhere ( but cloudflare still believes otherwise


This appears to be an issue with your Domain registrar not CF.

Please see below whois lookup :
~$ whois
connect: Resource temporarily unavailable

DIG results only showing A record
$ dig ANY +noall +answer

; <<>> DiG 9.11.3-1ubuntu1.11-Ubuntu <<>> ANY +noall +answer
;; global options: +cmd 299 IN A

There is no NS records publicly listed for your domain. This is an issue with your registrar or NS records missing from domain causing issues…

checking online tool into DNS the response was below:
Can’t get nameservers at parent server!
I only check domains not subdomains!

There is an issue with your NS records / Domain registrar. Contact them to fix it first then come back and try CF again.

Should we wish to test the above theory, run the same tests against 3-5 other random domains names like etc and see the difference of data they pull back VS your domain registrar. I.e. pick some active well known domains.

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