Freenom domain DNS records do not propagate

I have registered the following .ga domain at Freenom at March 8 2022 (a lot more than 72 hours) image but the DNS records still have not propagated at many locations, including Google DNS.

What could be the cause?

Are you sure? I just ran it on that very site and the domain resolved everywhere.

This appears to have been a classic propagation issue.

Plus, Cloudflare does not control propagation and your domain resolves fine on Cloudflare.


Addresses:  2a06:98c1:3121::14

That being said, Freenom domains occasionally have issues with their root nameservers, though that’s something you need to clarify with Freenom, as Cloudflare does not control that either.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, your setup is correct.

I checked an hour ago and the issue was resolved by itself. The issue was present also for other Freenom domains that were not pointed to Cloudflare’s NS so it indeed wasn’t a Cloudflare issue.

Please close this issue as I could not find a way to do it.