.ml domains failure issues

Anyone else experiencing .ml domains provided by failure?
Suddenly all my .ml domains stopped working (ex.

Checked domains at and all seems fine, cloudflare nameservers are set properly, yet cloudflare is notifying me that my ml domains are no more pointing to cloudlfare servers.

Anyone got some info on that?


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Thank you for clarification.

Is this definitive information? Does it mean won’t be able to use a .ml domain if provided by Freenom?

May you share with me a link to this info?

Thank you!

That is precisely what it means. As mentioned, you need a new domain.

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As mentioned on this page Contact Point ML the .ml registrar and Freenom seem to be still together.

Does this situation mean i can still register an .ml domain but with other registrar instead of Freenom?

If you can currently register an .ml domain is something only the registry can clarify. You best reach out to them.

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Notice: As of July 19th, 2023 the .ml ccTLD registry is in transition of back-end registry systems and day-to-day operations.


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What does this mean?

It means the Malian government is taking control of the .ml ccTLD so they can intercept all the errant emails that should have gone to .mil addresses

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It means what was already mentioned, your domain is not registered any more. You really need to clarify this with your registrar, Cloudflare is not involved here.

I understand well my domain is not live anymore and this is not a cloudflare issue.

Just asking the community for information if in general an (any) .ml domain will ever be available for public civil usage from now on. .ml domains failure issues - #8 by sandro

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