Freenom, Cloudflare How?

Firstly, I’ve used freenom and registered a domain( Then I went to cloudflare and added my site and changed the nameservers.

And I’ve waited for over 24 hours, but the site still won’t be active
Am I doing something wrong?If so please assist me.

P.S. I have no plans to hide any info about this so ask me anything.

This Video Tutorial should help you solve the Problems.

Looks like this freenom domains are only free for 12 Months and then you pay regular Domain price.
Also really questionable how much are they good.
Never saw any of this Top Level Domains till yet anywhere ranking for something.

It seems like some people is having issues with Freenom - the updated nameservers are not propagated globally.

From the screenshot above you can see that it’s still showing Freenom nameservers, and some DNS servers can’t resolve the NS record for your domain.

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