subdomain help

Hi there,
I have a free subdomain from and I want to link it through cloudflare. Thanks in advance!

I guess that you won’t be able to add the subdomain to Cloudflare as the domain won’t be in the Public Suffix List, but if you mention the domain it can be confirmed.

The domain I would like is and would like it in a way as
Also can i add further subdomains to the thing like isn’t in the Public Suffix List (see link above), so you can’t add to Cloudflare.

Are there any free domain registrars that can use cloudflare?

Not something I have experience of, you can try

These ones are in the list…

// Cloud DNS Ltd :
// Submitted by Aleksander Hristov <[email protected]>

Others may suggest more providers.

“free” domain registrars?

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