Freebox + ssl from personal domain


I’m French and this is my problem.

My goal is to add my domain name on my Freebox and activate ssl.

To do this, I first registered my domain name on Cloudflare.

I then went to SSL/TLS => Origin server => create a certificate.
I selected RSA(2048) and my domain name for a 15-year validity.

Then I went to my freebox to add the personalized domain name, imported my certificate and copied and pasted the information from the previous operation.

To test the https, I generated a share file whose url contains the correct information, but when I go there I get a big warning:
Your connection is not private
Subject: Cloudflare Origin Certificate
Issuer: The original certificate provided by the server is untrusted
Expires on: June 2, 2038
Current date: June 6, 2023

Do you have any suggestions for solving this problem?

The DNS entry needs to be proxied. Set it to :orange: and make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

Thanks for your answer, I tried but when I activate with proxy my site is no longer accessible.

What’s the URL?

I don’t want to give the url on the forum because it’s my internet box that’s directly exposed.

In that case I am afraid it’s not possible to provide further advice.

Simply make sure you are using HTTP based traffic and use the supported HTTPS ports. In that case it will work on Cloudflare, otherwise it will not and you cannot use Cloudflare. Use a Let’s Encrypt certificate, if so.

You should also pay attention to the terms of service, as you might be in violation if you are not exclusively serving web content and may get your account disabled.

Thanks for the advice.

I think it’s because I don’t use port 443.
I’d like to expose my home assistant os afterwards.

That is possible, as mentioned you need to make sure you are using the HTTPS supported ports. Please consult the documentation for details.

You could use an Origin rule to change the port or use Cloudflare Tunnel, but you will have to access it on port 443.

If you just need a certificate, you do not need Cloudflare. Simply pick Let’s Encrypt.

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