I have been searching the www to find out the ‘real’ difference between the FREE vs PRO and not just claims of speed increases. So does anyone has speed tested results of before and after done on Pingdom or GTM?

There’s really no speed difference, unless your Free plan has to get rerouted to a different datacenter because the one close to your visitor is congested.

Other than that, it’s about the features, as outlined by the main website.


As to Cloudflare Pro vs Free plans, Cloudflare Pro plan is beneficial for higher quotas or page rules, firewall rules, firewall ip/rule limits, rate limiting rules, user agent blocking rules and mirage/polish webp, enhanced HTTP/2 priorization, TCP Turbo etc which free plan won’t have and/or has less quota limits for :slight_smile: All these additional quota/features allow you to better make use of Cloudflare for security and performance.

More differences you can see in Cloudflare pricing plan comparison at which has a link to view and compare all features on that page.


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