Free User: Managed Rules Blocks edit to WP-Config.php

I have a free Cloudflare account
I have allowlisted my IP ipV4 & ipV6 versions
Added a custom rule to Skip (Allow my IP) events list seems to sugest this is working
But when I try to edit wp-config.php the events log shows I was blocked with ruleset 77454fe2d30c4220b5701f6fdfb893ba

Am I correct that I cannot edit this rule?

My settings are
Security Level = Medium
Browser Integrity Check = On

Do I have ay options other that a paid accoutn or disable Cloudflare

I’d recommend you to alter the config in a way to download the config file to your device, therefrom edit and re-upload/overwrite the existing one at the origin host/server via FTP or other way.

Using a plugin to edit it directly via Web browser, or via WordPress editor is truly not advisable due to the security concerns.

Furthermore, kindly I’d suggest you to take a look for possible solution at posts from below topic:

Either SKIP and check All remaining custom rules, All managed rules and Managed rules (previous version).

Or, temporary ALLOW your IP (might be you’d have to add it to the IP Access Rules, if so, which isn’t suitable since your IP address would change).

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