Free to Pro Version of Cloudflare

Hi, I am kajal from, can anyone help me to upgrade my Cloudflare account from the free version to the pro version.

I live in the Indian region and due to a billing issue, I cannot upgrade it.

There are quite a few reports of payment issues from India over the last little while, likely due to some regulatory changes there. For example:

I would recommend either emailing [email protected] and posting the ticket number here so it can escalated as needed, or simply trying another payment method like PayPal if available.


:point_up_2: that is the best current advice given the changes in RBI regulations. This post seems to be the definitive statement on this for the time being

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I tried it through PayPal but the same problem arises in that case.
I constant billing section of Cloudflare but they cannot solve it and send the below message

"Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Billing Support - we have received your request (#2459861). To add additional comments or details, reply to this email or go to:"

Hi @chemistry,
If the payment method added to your PayPal is a RBI credit card that could impede the process, you would need to update that to a method outside of the RBI.

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I added PayPal, and it worked…

But Need a stable solution from Cloudflare…

Just like other Hosting companies fixed this issue already…

Now, Cloudflare have to look in to this seriously.


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