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Hello, I just got a new domain through the SAV registrar and one of their selling points is they offer a free cloudflare ssl certificate. I’ve never ran my own domain before and have always done programming as a hobby. I couldn’t find any information on the registrar’s website about how to access Cloudflare’s services and when I came here to Cloudflare’s website and looked up my domain and selected the free service, its asking me to change my cloudflare DNS from one SAV already has set up, to a new one. Before I do all of this, how can I get into the cloudflare SSL service I already have so I can apply the certificates to my website?

Maybe they mean on Cloudflare’s Universal SSL, or Cloudflare CA origin certificate.

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From the screenshot above, and from their Terms of Service and FAQ, I could not figure it out if you actually get an SSL certificate.
Probbably, DNS interface to manage your domain, but for an SSL, I believe you would need to contact them about this feature which they offer -

To use Cloudflare, yes, you would need to change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare ones at your domain registar.
You would get a new Cloudflare nameservers (which you then add to your domain) in a process while adding a Website to Cloudflare.

Otherwise, I do not know what capabilites do they have and use to get you an SSL certificate.

Meaning, you already have an SSL certificate for your domain (including sub-domains), and you would like to upload it to Cloudflare and use it?

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