Free SSl site is not working it's not secure yet!

Hi to all, my site mushareb .com is not secure yet i have my domain name registered on hostgator and i use 000webhost for free hosting and using Cloudflare ssl free service but it’s not secure yet it’s been 2 weeks i am waiting i don’t understand what i am missing please help me to resolve this issue.


Make sure your SSL setup at 000webhost is setup properly

And i think you have either paused Cloudflare or have not proxied through Cloudflare

In 000webhost i use point domain and link mushareb .com and www.mushareb .com cname.

This should help you

In Cloudflare setting is…
encryption mode is Flexible
CNAME | mushareb .com | musharebjaved.000webhostapp .com | Proxy status DNS only and i unchecked also
CNAME | www | musharebjaved.000webhostapp .com | Proxy status DNS only and i unchecked also
Edge Certificates → Always Use HTTPS → Enable
I think I have done everything right… I don’t know what’s I’m missing

It should be in proxy mode instead of dns only.

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Oh my Gosh! that’s awesome. Thanks OMNAIDU.

000webhost doesn’t allow for custom certificate unless you upgrade :neutral_face: so he has to use flexible

But @mushareb the setup is good for test and development environment as said in 000webhost and it’s insecure setup for production.

Not really, as it doesn’t accurately mimic the conditions of a suitable production environment and leaves the development environment vulnerable. That platform is not safe for use with custom domain names.

Thanks @omnaidu for sorting my problem… Yeah I can understand but in my case I just need to have simple website to show my portfolio so I don’t need much.

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