Free SSL problem

i use Cloudflare
i want to Active Free SSL for my domain
But when i send email to Activation ssl for domain email not recive and DNS for Activation not work
please active free SSL for me
thank you

Hi, this is a community of other Cloudflare users so we can’t activate anything for you. Sorry.

We can, however, help you to activate it properly. Can we start with sharing the name of the domain in question?

domain :
when i want to Validate Domain
the emailes not recive
and following record to your DNS ITS NOT WORK

what i do for validate domain?

please see the photes

What do you have you MX records set to?

That domain has no MX records.

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What to set mx records?
please send thats for me So I can record it

i set CNAME records but its not ok
i cant active my domain
and i have error and my website not load (have error on ssl)

havent any way to activation domain?
for example upload a text file on hosting or write some text to index page?
for example this website : have error in mx records but activationed and have free ssl

what i do?

Hi @saisan_b_2030, I’d take a step back and make sure the basics are covered. First, it looks like there is an issue with your name servers not being set to the Cloudflare nameservers shown on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard. Here is what I see now:

$ dig ns +short

The above should be removed at your domain registrar and replaced at your registrar with the two names provided on the DNS tab of the dashboard.

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