Free SSL not working

I’ve set up the free ssl, but it’s still showing as not secure. I have changed the nameservers.
It has worked for one of my websites, but not the other. The website that isn’t secure doesn’t have a Cname listed under DNS management, could this be the problem?

When you say not showing as secure, are you seeing an error, or something else?

This is a good starting guide: Step 2: Setting up SSL with Cloudflare

I’m also going to DM you as we are working on something internally that might help you debug this that I can share with you.

Thanks Simon. I have tried those steps and still have the not secure message. I did exactly the same for both websites but thehighlandhaven .co. uk still says not secure.

@julietknight, a couple of issues at play.

First, you are currently not using Cloudflare. That’s not the primary issue, though. The actual issue is that your server is not properly configured and that’s why you get the error and that’s what you need to fix first, otherwise SSL cannot work.

You will need to contact your host and get them to fix your site. Unfortunately Cloudflare cannot help you here and only your host can address that. But once your site loads fine, it will also work on Cloudflare.

One area where Cloudflare may be able to help, it does mention “automatic certificate” in your screenshot and if you need such a certificate, you can get one from Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs but that’s something to clarify with your host.

For now, your primary contact will really be your host, who needs to properly configure your site and make sure it is secure.

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As your site is now loading on HTTPS, you can enable Cloudflare again.