FREE SSL for multiple small domains on a single GoDaddy account

I have a number of tiny traffic websites for family members on a multi-site GoDaddy account. GoDaddy asks for a master domain name, but there isn’t a site or content on that domain name. While they’re technically subdomains, all of the sites use their own direct URL’s (i.e. domain.TLD and not subdomain.masterdomain.TLD).

Can Cloudflare free SSL be used on them? If so, what’s the best configuration option? Also, while each person has their own contact info for their site, I’m the “technical contact” using my single e-mail address. Since Cloudflare creates accounts based on e-mail, can I have multiple free SSL’s on the same e-mail address / CF account?

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You can add more than one domain to your Cloudflare account. When you proxy traffic through Cloudflare, the Universal SSL will automatically cover the edge certificate. You will still need to protect the sites on your GoDaddy server with either a commercial certificate, or alternately a free certificate, either from an automated certificate authority like Let’s Encrypt or a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate.

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Thank you for your reply!

So, I’m not saving any work from the every-90-days free SSL certs? Because they’re not e-commerce sites, the only goal is to have them show as https: and not throw warnings on browsers because of not being https.

Are you referring to Let’s Encrypt certificates? I’m not sure how there is any work involved with those as they renew automatically every 60 days. If, for some reason, your current certificates require manual intervention every 90 days, you can definitely reduce your workload by switching to Cloudflare Origin CA certificates. You can issue them with up to a 15 year lifetime. You will need to use the Cloudflare proxy for those sites, as those certificates will not be trusted by web browsers.

Give the following article a quick read yo get a better idea of how the pieces fit together.

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I’ll have to dig into the free SSL’s I was using. They were a legit nonprofit and I thought they were Let’s Encrypt, but they had to be manually renewed (I thought) about every 90 days.

I appreciate the link to the Fundamentals. I think I’ll start fresh with that information and build from there.

Again, thank you for your help.

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So, I did a little bit of digging. Because my Let’s Encrypt certificates have to be uploaded manually, they’re only good for 90 days and you have to start the process all over again every quarter. GoDaddy isn’t on the list of Let’s Encrypt supporting hosts. And with five blogs / hobby sites for various family members, that’s annoying.

I’ll look into those Origin certificates. Thanks!

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YES! Just dug into the Cloudflare Origin CA certs and they look exactly like what I need! Thanks!!

It looks like I need to do a separate one for each subdomain since they don’t use the actual domain they’re on? In other words, they only use DOMAINNAME1.TLD and DOMAINNAME2.TLD instead of DOMAINNAME1.MAINDOMAIN.TLD. MAINDOMAIN.TLD doesn’t have a website or any content. It’s just how GoDaddy makes me set up separate websites on a single account - as subdomains.

Again, I’m happy to see that I can put in an hour or two of work ONCE and not have to deal with these things every 90 days any more. :slight_smile:

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