Free ssl for all domains

is it true you offer free ssl for all domains?
if yes how do i proceed to get it for my domain?

doesnt make sense. please explain.

You are saying the official support page - with walkthroughs, tutorials, and explanations - does not make sense?

@sharekingpro, the resource @sandro shared will have all the details about Free Universal SSL, you’ll want to consult it as you configure SSL. As a first step, go to the bottom of the SSL/TLS app and click Enable Universal SSL, it will take about 24 hours to issue the free cert.

do you really offer free ssl? or just fake thing?

Dont think there is such a thing as a fake SSL. If you set it up without installing the origin certificate then the communications between your server and Cloudflare is NOT encrypted. Only the communication between the viewer/audience and Cloudflare is encrypted. For a full encryption you simply need to generate an origin certificate and install it on your server. And don’t forget to set the SSL to FULL(Strict). This way all communications are encrypted and secured.

please refer to screenshot.

The site that you have posted works fine with a Cloudflare SSL cert on Chrome. The issue may be with the version of IE that you are using which could be classed as a legacy browser, please see:

This is screenshot from chrome Sir.

If you view the certificate, does it show the one issued to

Why No Padlock also shows the SSL as OK.

I see the site with valid SSL:

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