Free SSL and the Cloudflare for domain

I was just moved to Cloudflare and with one of my domains. The domain have using free SSL on the server-side. But, also Cloudflare is doing SSL things without any libraries. is it possible to use the Cloudflare proxy feature and free SSL on the server-side same time?

Absolutely. Not only possible, but necessary. You need a valid certificate on your server. Additional Cloudflare will also deploy another certificate for your domain on its proxies, but that is unrelated to your server certificate, which secures your server itself.

But when I am doing that I am not able to reach my website. it looks so interesting. Also, when I am not using the proxy feature in Cloudflare surprisingly the website working with HTTPS…

Did you make sure you encryption mode is Full Strict?

is it required? I was chosen flexible

That’s an insecure setting and is the reason why your site is not loading.

If you want to use SSL, this always has to be Full Strict.

I see thanks… I just set up the SSL on the server-side again but whenever I am checking the website it is showing default index.html fromthe Nginx… May I know that is normal? I mean is it possible to take some time to show real website html?

I am afraid that’s up to your server configuration and that would be beyond the scope of the forum here.

I did not change anything. The website was working well until moved the Cloudflare. So I do not think it is causing…

If your site was working fine before, you are on Full Strict, and you have the right addresses configured, then Cloudflare won’t be involved.

We can still check, but if it turns out to be a local issue, you owe me a coffee :wink:

What’s the domain?

Okay sure :slight_smile:
Web site is:

Your server IP address ends in 46, right?

In that case you not only have an invalid certificate on your server, an insecure encrpytion mode on Cloudflare, but that response also comes - as I mentioned - straight from your server

I take my coffee black :wink:

Actually, I have removed the certificate because I just wanted to use Cloudflare directly…Before there was a certificate on the server-side and it was working well… İf I am going to add a certificate on the server again that time I am not able to use Cloudflare proxy but you said you must use it on athe strict full mode. So I will check like that too …
btw, I can offer Turkish coffee with Turkish delight :slight_smile:

I’d pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and fix the site. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare. And make sure you are on Full Strict.

That’s so odd :slight_smile: when I am using on full strict mode than my website is working but Swagger UI that subdomain is not working. When moving to flexible that time is not working but the subdomain is working…

Not: Subdomain is getting run by docker on a different server. There is no certificate for the subdomain. Because I do not know how can I add an SSL certificate with docker.

As I said

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