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I’ve been with Clouldflare for a long time. I removed and reinstalled my previously installed website. Although the 24-hour period has passed for the SSL certificate to load (SSL Status Authorizing Certificate), it has not been installed. I stopped the Cloudflare temporarily because I was having trouble with site traction.

I didn’t get any response from the ticket I wrote
I’m surprised you’re responding so late to your customers who want to try our services.
I would like to ask for your assistance in installing the certificate.

  • My requests id - 1637856
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Hi @azorlu80, sorry for the delay, I know the support team has been really busy this week. On the SSL/TLS app, can you disable universal ssl at the bottom of the page, wait a few minutes and then re-enable it? That sometimes works to restart the process.

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Nothing has changed. I have temporarily stopped the Cloudflare to avoid lose any visitors.It wasn’t like that before . I think it’s done this way so customers can become paid members.

You say people should see our service quality. You are also providing late service.In this way you can not win new customers!


Can you log out and log back in? It’s showing as active certificate for me.

Thank you for your support. But I don’t think people should write here to solve problems. Please consider this as a feedback.
I know that you are experiencing late due to excessive demands.
I wish you and your team patience.