Free Plan - Unable to Bypass WAF Ruleset - Was Supposed To Be Rolled Out Q4 2022

I’ve read several posts saying that in Q4 of 2022, free plan users would also have the option of overriding WAF rulesets. When I look under Security → WAF → Managed rules, I see “Upgrade to Pro” and no option to override. Did this feature not get enabled on my account or did it not get rolled out for anyone on the free plan? I need to turn rules off for a certain page on my site.

Here’s the referenced post and link:

“As an update, our engineering team is looking to rollout the WAF for everyone in Q4 this year. This would allow the free tier users to make use of the override feature in our WAF ruleset to bypass the rules.” Triggering of cloudflare protection on subdomain - #4 by fritex

Create a custom WAF rule to match the page, set the action to “skip” and select “All managed rules” from the list of options…


This was the part I was missing and was extremely helpful. Thank you.


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