Free Plan On My Account Overriding My Pro Features and Settings

I have a Cloudflare Pro Account. For some reason, a free plan was added to my account, I think when I tried to purchase Argo Routing, now it is overriding all of my settings and my account is acting as a free plan even though I have a Pro plan until January 2025 as you can see in the screen shot.

I also created a ticket for this, the automated response told me to buy a plan. Ticket #3225670. Any assistance would be great thank you!

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I’m sorry to hear of this unusual behavior and understand that it is disruptive. Thanks for sharing your ticket number. I have submitted an escalation request. When it is being reviewed, you should see a response here and on the ticket.

Hi there,

Just to let you know I escalated your ticket internally.
I’ll update you from the ticket as soon as the escalation team comes back to me.

Take care.

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Can we enable my Pro plan so I can continue using it? We are supposed to be doing a site launch today, and because I had APO enabled and it had mobile device type have its own cache checked, I can’t clear the mobile cache and the mobile pages aren’t refreshing with our new layout.

If you could enable the pro plan as soon as possible, we really need to be able to change those settings. You can see I paid $240 in January 2024 for the year.

Day 3, still waiting for anything to be done. The free plan that added itself to the account that is overriding the paid Pro plan has now renewed for another month. I can’t cancel it or remove it. Can someone take a look at this? Should be fairly simple to remove and restore the Pro plan. You can clearly see in the account it shows a pro plan purchased January 2024 and expires 2025. I need the pro features restored ASAP as the mobile device cache option is now behind the paywall and it wont let me clear the mobile cache until I can uncheck the separate mobile cache option which can only by done when you are on a pro plan.

22 days in, wanting to see if there is an update on the refund? And because I had to manually make a monthly purchase, its getting ready to recharge me again on May 18th, even though again I am paid in full until 2025.