Free Plan Issues Displaying Firewall Events

I was trying to track down why Google Console claimed it was getting 5xx errors from one of my servers, supposedly starting December 7 although the Google Console detail suggests the problem started December 8th around 04AM. When I displayed Cloudfalre firewall events for Dec 8th from 00:00-23:59, it showed “< > of 260 items” but did not display any firewall log events. Clicking on the ‘>’ button did nothing. I had to reduce the range to 00:00-07:59 before I got “1-8 of 86 items”. Reducing the range further to “00:00-05:00” showed “1-9 of 73 items” - the ninth event is from 04:14:43, earlier than the previously displayed eight entries. I have no filters in place. Any ideas what might be happening?

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