Free Plan getting charged $20 a month

So I cancelled my Pro plan a year or more ago but I have been continuously been charged $20 a month since but have no access to Pro features. I look at my plan, and it says FREE but I am charged monthly. How do I get this resolved? Online support just sends me in loops with no answers. So I have been paying for a Pro plan for who knows how long without being able to use the benefits.

You need to make a billing ticket via the support portal.

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Hi @jacydjames sorry for the issues, I see your ticket 3264105 and will flag that for my colleagues in Support.

I appreciate the help but it’s kinda BS that I was getting charged for page rules I never (ever) used for this long. Not sure how I went from a pro plan for $20 to a free plan with page rules for $20 (never skipping a month). At least it’s solved now.

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