Free plan for a video game website

Hi, I’m pretty confused about whether I am allowed to use the free Cloudflare plan for a website for my team’s upcoming video game and a few more things.
Correct me if i’m wrong on any of this stuff, but as far as i understood, the free plan is permanent and so is the SSL certificate it comes with. Secondly, is it legal to use the free plan for a video game website? Would it matter if it’s just a devblog or if it’s a full on game showoff website? (as in for marketing)
And last, i need to know if i can reroute the mail subdomain (or DNS) to point to the webmail on my web host.

Any legal website can use the Free Plan. And it’s free forever.

DNS for mail is a bit more tricky, as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SMTP or POP/IMAP:

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Thanks for replying so fast, that’s great news.
So regarding the mail, worst case scenario the IP of the website is exposed, but i suppose this wouldn’t really be a problem as i assume every major company has at least decent DDoS protection, right? In my case it would be Namecheap.

Don’t count on it. In a better world, email is hosted on a different server.

On a different server that can has a very strong standalone protection of its own, right?
This email would only be for business emails and the webmail address wouldn’t be public, but i guess there is no way i can hide it from the public?
edit: And in case someone decides to attack our webmail and it goes down, can’t I contact Namecheap support and tell them i’m under attack and to try to fix it?

You can’t hide a mail server’s IP address from the public. As I said, the IP address of a server running SMTP/POP/IMAP can’t hide behind Cloudflare. As for defending against an attack on your server’s IP address, that’s between you and Namecheap.

Best case scenario:

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Alright, thank you guys for the fast and useful replies.