Free Plan- Domain Status Pending After 24 hrs


I signed up for a free plan and created a domain name. It is still pending after 24 hrs sataing that I need to update the NAMESERVER at the REGISTRAR. I have no clue to do that and the steps provided are of no assitance to me as they take me form topic to topic and I am at aloss

Kindly advise

Did you register the domain name with Cloudflare or just add a domain you have registered elsewhere?

Can you give the domain name?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I signed up for a free plan and searched the domain name from within Cloudflare.


Thanks again

The domain is not registered.

Did you actually register it (which would have required you to make a payment) on this page?

Or have you just added it to Cloudflare on this page? (nameservers have been allocated by Cloudflare for the domain)

the second one.I’m using the free plan and rerouting to another email ID

The domain needs to be purchased so it exists before you can use it.

You can buy it through Cloudflare, or any other domain registrar (you don’t have to use Cloudflare Registrar to use Cloudflare with your domain).

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I see. So what’s the free in the free plan?

Compare plan features here…

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ok.thak you for your help

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