Free plan domain deleted.. but was pointed to cloudflare

I don’t know what is going on with cloudflare but I set up a domain’s DNS with them on a so-called ‘free’ plan and then today found out they deleted it.

They sent this crappy article in an email Domain deleted from Cloudflare · Cloudflare DNS docs

Problem was it DID have the nameservers pointed to Cloudflare already.

What the heck are they doing.

If your zone was deleted automatically, that means it was not active on Cloudflare.

If you simply add the domain to Cloudflare again within one week, it will still have your records and settings.

Can you share the domain?

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And that is exactly the problem. You need to delete the other nameserver if you want to use Cloudflare. You can’t have nameservers other than the 2 assigned by Cloudflare.


That seems kinda risky though if they’re going to delete domain records like that

Cloudflare didn’t delete your DNS records. It’s because you had two different sets of nameservers, your domain seems to have been removed from Cloudflare. You should have only Cloudflare nameservers.


It would be nice if that was a bit more clearly stated. Time to look elsewhere I guess. Thanks for the replies.

@derek.piper Below is an example of the screen presented to you when you added your site (except for the different Cloudflare nameservers). I’m genuinely curious about what else would make this step “clear” to you.

And note that as others have pointed out already, your site was never active on Cloudflare… because you didn’t complete the setup by ensuring you had ONLY Cloudflare’s nameservers for your domain. And incomplete/inactive domains are automatically removed after a while (because they do absolutely nothing in that state).


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