Free plan certificate period

I just added 3rd website to my free plan
The old 2 websites got its certificates period is one year, but the new one is only for 3 Months
I know it will be renewing automatically but I need it to be for 1 Year

How to get that done ?


If a certificate is valid now, it does not really matter if it will still be valid in one day, or one year in the future.

Shorter validity is generally safer, and the shorter the better in some contexts.

Some firewalls preventing access to websites with short SSL certifcate as my website

Name and shame? They are essentially blocking all Let’s Encrypt websites with no actual security reason. There is literally no security reason to block short lived certificates, and plenty of reasons to block long lived certs.

If you need to specify the validity period of your cert you need ACM, which is an additional subscription on your Cloudflare domain.

Lots of security products block newly registered domains, which could be your problem.

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YES, indeed and yes it 2021 domain
Thanks :frowning:

I’ve not checked, but if someone API-switches certs, how long are Digicerts valid?

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