Free plan being charged $20 - what happens when I revert to no charge option?

I am on a ‘Free’ plan but was being charged $20 for an additional 20 rules. I just changed my subscription to remove the additional rules and revert to the Free plan actually being FREE. I got an email to say that my Cloudflare subscription has now been cancelled.

Does this mean that my entire subscription is actually cancelled and I will no longer be using Cloudflare on renewal date (which is tomorrow) OR just that on renewal date I will continue to be the ‘no charge’ free account.

I’m confused!

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Hi @michelle11, sorry for the confusion. I show 23 rules as being available with a renewal set for tomorrow.

If you received a note saying the plan was canceled, I suspect it is canceled but the messages in your dashboard are rather confusing. As a just in case, can you login to the dashboard, go to Billing → Subscriptions → edit the page rule option.

Screenshot from 2021-06-17 11-46-20

From there, select 0 from the additional page rules drop down and then save. (BTW, is that the same process you used to cancel the subscription?)

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So if I edit the page rule option to ‘0’ additional page rules then I will still have a Cloudflare account on a Free plan (even if I get a message telling me the subscription has been cancelled).

Is my understanding correct?