Free managed WAF not showing


I was checking my firewall logs and saw the Service Managed rules (new) were triggered. I am on a free plan. (image of the event below.

It says the rule name etc are unavailable. On reading it seems I should have access to view the ‘free waf’ but it’s not showing in the waf->maged rules tab. Am I missing something?



I believe you do have access to the rules (as seen on the screenshot), however, some/all free members aren’t yet able to tweak it (or monitor the behavior with graphs).

Frankly I’m not confident that free zones will be able to change the WAF anytime soon, however, if the WAF is impairing production due to a false position we can raise an issue with Cloudflare.


Thanks for the reply, it is not stopping my site from working but I do think it would be better to know why a rule was triggered.


Understood, usually if you want to gain better insights into the process, the Pro package is a perfect fit. It gives you a detailed overview and graphs that describe what happened, when, the action taken, etc.

The main difference between the Pro and Free packages are 1. WAF and 2. Better graphs, analytics, understanding of whats happening.

Thanks for the advice. I don’t have the budget yet for the pro plan, I wish I did. Also I do think if the Cloudflare blog announce something then we should get access to it, in the nicest possible way. Also if people are being blocked from my website I should be able to see why.
I have opened a ticket to see if I can get it enabled on my account
Thanks Peter

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